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Fox General Election Poll: Biden Beats All Republicans, Clinton Loses

The latest poll by Fox News pitted Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden against the plethora of Republican candidates. Clinton lost to every single Republican candidate, while Biden beat them all.

Head-to-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 40% – Donald Trump – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton 40% – Jeb Bush 44%
  • Hillary Clinton 39% – Carly Fiorina 42%
  • Hillary Clinton 39% – Ben Carson 50%
  • Joe Biden 50% – Donald Trump 37%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Jeb Bush 41%
  • Joe Biden 44% – Marco Rubio 43%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Carly Fiorina 42%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Ben Carson 42%

While this poll was conducted by Fox News, the numbers are revealing of how unpopular Clinton is as a candidate. She continues to struggle in key polls, losing ground to Bernie Sanders and Republicans pummel her in almost every head-to-head poll. Most Democrats support Clinton, but it remains to be seen whether she can captivate voters to turn out and elect her as the first female president.

Biden hasn’t announced a campaign yet. However, he is an incredibly likeable candidate, who is charismatic, and proven. Having served as vice president for President Obama, most Americans are confident in his abilities to lead the country and understand that he is familiar with the political process. Still, there are major questions regarding his commitment to campaigning and his desire to push through another long election cycle at his advanced age.

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Clinton Defeats Trump, Bush, Loses to Fiorina, Carson

The latest poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal had Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump, while losing to both Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Head-to-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 49% – Donald Trump 39%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Carly Fiorina 45%
  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Jeb Bush 44%
  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Ben Carson 46%

Clinton polled well against the majority of the Republican candidates. She defeated Trump and Jeb Bush, but lost to both Carson and Fiorina. Trump still leads the Republican Party, despite his decline in the polls. Clinton’s defeat of Trump shows that she is able to beat the top rated candidate. Her losses to both Carson and Fiorina were well within the margin of error. If Fiorina and Clinton were to win their nominations for their parties, it would set up an interesting race for president.

In terms of credibility, Clinton is a more credible candidate than Fiorina, who has continuously stood by her claims about the existence of the fake Planned Parenthood tapes. The media has dissected her story and proven it false. Regardless, she stands by the story and is using it as fuel for her campaign.

If the election is between Trump and Clinton, Trump may find some support through his new tax plan. His new plan lowers taxes for the poor and middle class and raises them for the wealthy. The average American may see this as a massive boost and may consider voting for Trump, who has vowed to run the country like a business and to improve the economy. Still, Trump’s overt racism will hurt his chances and he will need to push forward with genuine and helpful ideas if he wants to stand a chance in an upcoming election.

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North Carolina: Clinton Beats Trump, Loses to Bush and Carson

The latest poll by Elon University has showcased the results from North Carolina. Hillary Clinton managed to beat Donald Trump, but she lost in individual matchups against Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton vs. the Republicans:

  • Hillary Clinton 47% – Donald Trump 40%
  • Hillary Clinton 43% – Jeb Bush 46%
  • Hillary Clinton 41% – Ben Carson 52%

Clinton managed to beat Trump, arguably the most important candidate to beat at the moment, but her loss to the more astute candidates, Bush and Carson, is worrying for the Democrats as they may push Trump out if they continue to embarrass him on important political policies.

One of the major advantages that the Democrats have at the moment is their ability to avoid getting linked into racially charged discussions like all three Republican candidates have. Trump has challenged Mexican-Americans, Bush is facing criticism for suggesting that African-Americans accept free things from the Democrats, and Carson has alienated Muslim-Americans by suggesting that they could never become president.

As the polls continue to flush out, Clinton is holding her ground, but even she is under siege by Bernie Sanders, who continues to climb the polls and challenge her for the top spot in the Democrats. Regardless of which candidate wins, both Clinton and Sanders should be able to beat any of the major Republican candidates, who continue to focus on issues like religion in a modern era where religion is an outdated topic.

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Trump Leads the Republicans in New Hampshire

The latest poll by WBUR out of New Hampshire has revealed that Donald Trump is still in the lead for the Republican Party. However, Ben Carson was a close second, and continues to close the gap.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 22%
  • Ben Carson – 18%
  • Carly Fiorina – 11%
  • Jeb Bush – 9%
  • Ted Cruz – 5%
  • Scott Walker – 1%

Trump is still the Republican darling. He is racist, he is loud, he is rich, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He continuously hits the right tones with Republican voters. His stance on immigration is what Republicans have wanted for years, but were too afraid to say. His stance on foreign policy is basic and relies on stereotypes. Still, he continues to be a popular candidate because he knows how to tug on the heartstrings of Republican voters.

Carson is equally as crazy as Trump, but in a more moderate way. Where Trump argues from generalizations, Carson tends to dive into detail and analyze a situation with his intellect. However, he is still prone to the typical assessments that Republicans make on popular topics. He is pro-life, believes Obama is the devil, wants stricter security measures put into place, is pro-torture for CIA interrogations, and much more. He may be a retired neurosurgeon, but he shares the same scary outlook towards many of the important issues that are affecting everyday Americans.

In terms of the other candidates, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker are all irrelevant candidates. They fail to attract voters to their platforms because they refuse to plunge deep into the classic Republican tropes like Trump and Carson.

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Republicans Lead Clinton in Head-To-Head Polls

The latest round of head-to-head polls by CNN has revealed that all of the major Republican candidates have beaten Hillary Clinton in direct matchups. This is the first time that this has happened consistently in over a year and signifies that Clinton is struggling to maintain her status at the top of the polls.

Head-To-Head Polls:

  • Donald Trump 48% – Hillary Clinton 48%
  • Ben Carson 51% – Hillary Clinton 46%
  • Jeb Bush 49% – Hillary Clinton 47%

The only matchup that Clinton didn’t lose was against Trump, but even that one was a tie. She lost handedly to Carson, while even Bush squeaked by with a two point lead. Is this a sign of what is to come for Clinton? Joe Biden performed much better against the Republicans, beating Trump, Bush, while only losing to Carson.

Another poll by Quinnipiac had Bernie Sanders tied with Clinton at 41 percent a piece. The majority of Americans are fed up with Clinton and no longer see her as a relevant and attractive candidate. She is a career politician who values the status quo, she refuses to take a stance on major issues, and only recently did she issue an important policy point in the form of a campaign finance reform plan.

The Democrats remain a better organized party, but they will have to capture the votes of non-affiliated voters if they want to secure the White House in 2016 and Clinton may find that difficult to do given her current popularity amongst voters.

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Trump Leads the Republicans in a CNN Poll

The latest results of a CNN and ORC International poll have revealed that Donald Trump still leads the Republican Party. Ben Carson trailed Trump, while Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Mike Huckabee were all substantially further behind Carson.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 32%
  • Ben Carson – 19%
  • Jeb Bush – 9%
  • Ted Cruz – 7%
  • Scott Walker – 5%
  • Mike Huckabee – 5%
  • Marco Rubio – 3%

Trump continues his dominance in the polls, despite a shaky couple of weeks that saw him exposed on several important issues like foreign policy. Earlier this week, he challenged African-Americans, downplaying the importance of their Black Lives Matter movement and suggesting that everyone who participated in it was trouble. Trump tends to poll well amongst the extreme Republican demographic in the United States, 71% of his supporters chose him because of his position on specific issues.

Carson has held his position behind Trump for several weeks now. He is a far more attractive candidate then Bush and Walker, and he has a lot more to offer to the country than either of those candidates. If he can cement his platform and win over diehard Republican voters, he may be able to catch up to Trump and challenge him for the Republican nomination.

Both Bush and Walker are lame duck candidates who will struggle to gain in the polls unless either Trump or Carson make a massive mistake in their campaigns. Their platforms are stale, they are career politicians, and in the case of Bush, he comes from a family with a deep-rooted history in American politics.

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Republicans Beat the Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire

In the latest polls for Iowa and New Hampshire by NBC and Marxist, the two major Republican candidates outclassed the Democrats in every matchup except one. Both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush polled well against Hillary Clinton. Only trump lost by one point in New Hampshire.


  • Donald Trump 48% – Hillary Clinton 43%
  • Jeb Bush 50% – Hillary Clinton 39%

New Hampshire:

  • Hillary Clinton 46% – Donald Trump 45%
  • Jeb Bush 48% – Hillary Clinton 43%

The Republicans came out pretty well in these two polls. New Hampshire has been a haven for the Democrats since 2004, while Iowa has voted heavily in favor of the party since 1988. The fact that these two states are trending towards the Republicans shows how unpopular Clinton is as a candidate. Many voters don’t want her to be become president and are turning to the Republican Party as an alternative.

If the Democrats want to succeed in 2016, they will need to find a candidate that is popular amongst voters. Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden may be the only options, but Sanders socialist label may make it difficult for him to win over voters and Biden hasn’t announced an official campaign as of yet.

Trump continues to be a popular candidate for the Republican Party, capturing votes from individuals who have strong stances on immigration and maintaining American values. He understands how to win over voters from these blocks and his no nonsense attitude is pushing his campaign forward.

Bush has slowly recovered in the standings, but he remains an unpopular candidate as most voters want to avoid electing a third Bush into the White House.

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Democrats Defeat Republicans in Head-To-Head Polls

The latest round of head-to-head polls by Quinnipiac resulted in a complete sweep by the Democrats. The poll pitted the major Republican candidates against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and the two Democrat candidates won every single matchup.

Head-To-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Donald Trump 41%
  • Hillary Clinton 42% – Jeb Bush 40%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Marco Rubio 43%
  • Joe Biden 48% – Donald Trump 40%
  • Joe Biden 45% – Jeb Bush 39%
  • Joe Biden 44% – Marco Rubio 41%

Clinton defeated Trump, but the poll was extremely close and well within the typical margin of error. She performed poorly against Bush, but he is unlikely to win the Republican nomination based on current standings. Finally, Clinton struggled to beat Rubio, but edged him out by a meager one percent.

Biden performed a lot better than Clinton. He managed to defeat Trump by eight percent, Bush by six percent, and Rubio by three percent. Biden hasn’t officially announced his campaign, but many are speculating that he will try to win the Democrat’s presidential nomination.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of Quinnipiac, suggested that Biden is one of the most attractive candidates that the Democrats have and he has a strong desirability when paired against the Republican candidates.

“On the Democratic side, Secretary Hillary Clinton continues her slide while Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to narrow the gap,” Malloy added. “But the real news is the man who isn’t there – yet. Vice President Joseph Biden has the best appeal in general election matchups against top Republicans.”

“Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others. If he is sitting on the fence, his scores in the matchups and his favorability ratings may compel him to say, ‘Let’s do this,” he added.

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Trump Leads Quinnipiac’s Republican Presidential Nomination

The latest results for Quinnipiac’s Republican presidential nomination are in. Donald Trump led the back by a decent margin and was followed by Ben Carson, while Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz were all tied for third.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 28%
  • Ben Carson – 12%
  • Jeb Bush – 7%
  • Marco Rubio – 7%
  • Ted Cruz – 7%
  • Scott Walker – 6%
  • Carly Fiorina – 5%

Trump is still king of the polls and all of the other candidates are struggling to dent him in the standings. His momentum is unparalleled and even his cringe worthy media appearances can do little to slow down the Trump train.

Carson continues to conduct a respectable campaign, but he doesn’t have the same name recognition that Trump enjoys and he is having trouble making inroads to the average American.

Bush’s slump has lasted for too long. His campaign is in danger of becoming irrelevant—if it already hasn’t—if he doesn’t step up and work harder to attract Americans towards his platform. Bush refuses to take a stand on major issues and he frequently dodges the important questions.

The election is Trumps to lose and the only way that he will fall in the standings is if he stops running to be president, something that seems highly unlikely given the level of effort that he has put into campaigning so far.

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Trump and Sanders Top the New Hampshire Primary

The latest results for New Hampshire’s primary are in. Donald Trump crushed his Republican opponents, while Bernie Sanders overtook Clinton by a respectable lead.

Which Republican would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 35%
  • John Kasich – 11%
  • Jeb Bush – 7%
  • Scott Walker – 7%
  • Ben Carson – 6%
  • Chris Christie – 4%
  • Ted Cruz – 4%

A recent Wisconsin poll saw Trump fall in the standings. The results of this poll have demonstrated that he is still a popular candidate and that he may suffer in polls where there is candidate bias. Trump is hitting all the right notes with average Americans and his tough stance on immigration is popular amongst Americans closest to the boarder and in major cities where there are large populations of illegal immigrants.

Which Democrat would you vote for?

  • Bernie Sanders – 42%
  • Hillary Clinton – 35%

Sanders still hasn’t toppled Clinton across the board, but he continues to score small victories in various states and he is becoming a legitimate candidate as his campaign builds steam and challenges the monstrosity known as the Clinton campaign. Clinton is seen by many as a career politician who has nothing valuable to contribute if she were to become president.

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