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Clinton Beats Sanders in California and New Jersey

The latest polls by CBS News/YouGov have placed Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders in both California and New Jersey.


  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Bernie Sanders – 47%

New Jersey

  • Hillary Clinton – 61%
  • Bernie Sanders – 34%

By this point, the math is on Clinton’s side. She has thoroughly beat Sanders in enough primaries and is close to clinching the Democratic nomination. Nearly all of the superdelegates back her and will continue to back her, barring an epic collapse. Clinton will represent the Democrats in 2016 and she will likely be the next president of the United States.

Sanders has promised to continue his campaign against all odds. His fight is valiant, but it is a senseless one at this point. He stands no chance of winning the nomination and his efforts to contest the convention will only serve to hurt the Democratic Party.

With the election fast approaching, the Democratic Party will need to unite under one candidate. The Republican Party is close to achieving this under Donald Trump, an unpopular candidate by all means.

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Hillary Clinton Tops Sanders, The Dems Trounce Trump

The latest round of polls by Field Research have placed Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders and both Clinton and Sanders ahead of the Republican nominee Donald Trump in California.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Bernie Sanders 43%
  • Hillary Clinton 53% – Donald Trump 34%
  • Bernie Sanders 60% – Donald Trump 31%

California will go to the Democrats no matter what Trump does. However, what is interesting in this poll is the fact that Sanders is closing the gap on Clinton and that he continues to dominate Trump in the polls.

One has to question whether the Democrats backed the right candidate. Without going into details about the primary system, or Sanders weaknesses, Sanders seems like he should have been the candidate to represent the Democrats in 2016. He continues to perform well against Trump in the majority of polls and Trump was scared to debate Sanders, knowing that he would have been hit hard on economic questions.

Regardless, Clinton will lead the Democrats in 2016 and will more than likely take the election. Sanders continues to campaign, but the delegate math is not on his side and there is virtually no chance that he can win the nomination at this point.

Of course, Trump will fight tooth and nail to win the election, but a Trump victory seems unlikely based on how many demographics he has alienated throughout the current election cycle. Trump will never be able to win over Latino and women voters due to the horrific comments that he made earlier in the primary cycle.

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Trump Gets Pummeled in New Jersey

The latest poll by Farleigh Dickinson has placed Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders well ahead of their Republican foe Donald Trump.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Hillary Clinton 48% – Donald Trump 37%
  • Bernie Sanders 57% – Donald Trump 33%

It looks like Americans are starting to wake up. Trumpomania was fun, but it isn’t a realistic election option. As we push closer to the conventions, Americans are starting to realize that the election is real and that they should support a candidate that doesn’t have a history of racism, sexism, and violence.

Trump has a lot of work to do if he wants to compete in the election. He will need to unify the Republican Party, win votes from independent and undecided voters, and he will need to find a way to court Sander’s angry supporters. The final task can also be accomplished if he can somehow convince Sander’s supporters to abstain from voting.

For Clinton, her unpopularity will be a major issue in this election. She should win without any issues, but voter apathy is always a problem for the Democrats and it will be no different this election. The moment she defeats Sanders, she will need to sit down with him and develop a strategy for winning over his supporters. If she can pull this off, the election should easily go in her favor.

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Trump Falls to Both Clinton and Sanders

The latest general election poll by NBC News/WSJ had Donald Trump losing to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Hillary Clinton 46% – Donald Trump 43%
  • Bernie Sanders 54% – Donald Trump 39%

Trump demonstrated two vastly different performances in this poll. Lucky for Trump, he will more than likely be facing Clinton in the general election, an opponent he tends to poll a lot stronger against. In most recent polls, Trump and Clinton have come close to tying several times and the political deadlock doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

Sanders is an attractive candidate and better embodies the progressive movement than his Democratic opponent Clinton. However, he looks incapable of locking down the nomination and Clinton’s superdelegate lead is far too strong for him to overcome at this point.

Clinton will beat Sanders, but her opponent’s stubbornness will keep him in the race all the way until the Democratic National Convention in July. Because of this, Clinton will be forced to focus her efforts on Sanders and not Trump. With the election coming closer, Clinton needs to devise a strategy to take Trump on and to not get sucked into his low class politics if she wants to win and appear professional.

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Sanders Reigns Supreme, Trump Beats Clinton

The latest general election poll by Fox News placed Bernie Sanders ahead of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton behind Trump.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Hillary Clinton 42% – Donald Trump 45%
  • Bernie Sanders 46% – Donald Trump 42%

Sanders continues to beat Trump in head-to-head matchups. Still, Trump can rest easy knowing that he continues to poll decently against Clinton, his presumptive opponent. Trump has been working hard to tone down his rhetoric in order to better appeal to American voters. He has a big hill to climb to make that possible, but American voters have proven to have political amnesia in the past, and to some, a Trump presidency sounds better than the status quo.

Clinton needs to do better. She is the Democratic nominee, yet she continues to struggle against Trump. Clinton should be taking advantage of Trump for all the ridiculous stuff he has said in the past, but she is coming up flat and seems ineffective at penetrating Trump’s bubble of ignorance.

As for Sanders, he continues to campaign hard against Clinton, but his path to victory is near impossible. If he manages to pull off a miracle, he would stand a much better chance against Trump as he is working hard to capitalize on the anger of Americans.

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Trump Tops Clinton in Arizona, Ties Sanders

The latest Arizona poll by PPP has placed Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton and in a tie with Bernie Sanders.


  • Donald Trump 45% – Hillary Clinton 41%
  • Donald Trump 44% – Bernie Sanders 45%

Sanders continues to put up a good fight against Trump and is proving that he is the better candidate to take him on in a general election. Regardless, for all of Sander’s efforts, he will not win the nomination, barring an epic meltdown from Clinton.

Trump and Clinton are almost guaranteed to duke it out in November and Democratic voters should come to terms with the reality that Clinton will head the Democratic Party.

For all of Clinton’s baggage, she is a talented politician and she knows how to work the political game. While her presidency would be far from eventful, Americans can rest assured that she will not sell the launch codes to the Russians or Chinese.

On the other hand, Trump is unpredictable. He has no political past, his business resume is strange, and his brutal honesty may not translate well to diplomatic negotiations. Trump has made it clear that he will play hard with the Chinese and his proposed Muslim ban would be a legal nightmare for the United States that would have zero chance of getting passed. Regardless, Trump is the head of the Republican Party and he will win votes, even if that total remains unknown.

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Georgia: Trump Beats Clinton, Loses to Sanders

Georgia and Bernie Sanders are two things that should be incredibly incompatible. The latest poll by Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, but lost to Sanders.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Donald Trump 45% – Hillary Clinton 41%
  • Donald Trump 42% – Bernie Sanders 47%

Georgia is a Republican state and should vote in favor of Trump in the general election. However, the fact that Trump continues to lose to Sanders in states that he should win is worrying for the Republicans. Trump has a lot of ground to makeup and a lot of bridges to mend. His primary tactics were destructive and alienated him with many large voting demographics, namely, Latinos, women, African-Americans, and Muslim-Americans. Georgia, a state with a lot of African-Americans, will be tough for Trump to win and he will need to find a way to appeal to these voters.

As for the Clinton, the Democratic Party should be worried that she is still struggling to finish off Sanders. Every recent primary, Sanders dominates the narrative and Clinton is forced to focus on Sanders rather than Trump. If she remains distracted for too long, Trump may be able to solidify votes, and if Sanders eventually loses in a bitter battle, some of his supporters may side with Trump out of spite.

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Clinton Comes out Big in Oregon

The latest Oregon poll by Fox 12/KTPV has placed Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Bernie Sanders – 33%

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 45%
  • Ted Cruz – 14%
  • John Kasich – 14%


  • Hillary Clinton – 43%
  • Donald Trump – 32%

Finally, a poll where Clinton performed well. In the last few head-to-head polls, Trump has more or less tied her. If Clinton wants to win the general election – something she is more than capable of doing – she will need to continue to pound Trump in the polls and to solidify positive public opinion.

To start, she will need to beat Sanders. Although she is way ahead of him in delegates, he continues to hang on and is a thorn in her side. His persistence has seen him win many primaries and he is holding out in hopes that he will be able to contest the convention. If she can put Sanders down and focus her efforts on Trump, she should be able to win the election easily.

Trump alienated himself with a large block of voters early on when he went on several racist rants. Most sensible voters haven’t forgotten this and are terrified of the prospect of a Trump presidency. If Sanders gets eliminated, Trump will need to try and secure his supporters if he wants to legitimately compete with Clinton in the general election.

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Trump Slumps Against the Dems in New Hampshire

The latest head-to-head poll by Dartmouth for New Hampshire revealed that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are ahead of Donald Trump in New Hampshire.

Which potential presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton 34% – Donald Trump 29%
  • Bernie Sanders 49% – Donald Trump 28%

Clinton’s lead over Trump was far less than Sanders. Regardless of where you stand on the Democrats, Clinton is far less popular than Sanders. A lot of that has to do with the fact that voters feel that she is dishonest and untrustworthy. In addition, New Hampshire is a state that Sanders should perform well in given the fact that he decimated Clinton in the state’s primary.

Sanders is still campaigning hard, trying to convince his voters that he can win. In reality, a Sanders victory would require a political miracle, but crazier things have happened, like the nomination of Trump as the head of the Republican Party.

As for Trump, he will need to find a way to fracture the Democratic voter base and siphon votes from unlikely sources. This may require him to appeal to independent and undecided voters through a less-than Republican platform. He has already started to do this with his bizarre tax plan and he has even hinted at the fact that he is pro public healthcare. If Trump can win over these types of voters and capitalize on Sanders angry supporters, he may be able to challenge Clinton.

If there is one thing we have learned from this current election cycle, it is that you should always expect the unexpected.

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Clinton Edges out Sanders, Trump Wins by Default

As the primaries wind down, these poll recaps are going to get a lot more boring until we head into the general election. Regardless, in the latest national poll by Pew Research, Hillary Clinton manages to edge out Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump beat the ghosts of Republican past.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 54%
  • Bernie Sanders – 42%

Which Republican candidate do you have no choice to vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 44%
  • No one – 45%

Snark aside, Trump will have to work hard on securing that extra 45 percent of Republican voters who supported either Ted Cruz or John Kasich. In reality, as the general election comes closer, and Clinton continues to look even more scary, Republicans nationwide will fall in line out of fear of another Clinton making it to the White House.

Trump needs to continue to work on his presidential game, honing his domestic policies, and toning down his racist rhetoric. If he can appeal to independents and undecided voters, he may be able to secure additional votes from the non-Republican, but anti-Clinton crowd.

As for Clinton, she continues to struggle to take down Sanders. Even though her delegate lead is a lot higher, especially when you account for superdelegates, she seems incapable of dealing the killing blow to Sander’s campaign. While a 2008 repeat seems unlikely, don’t count out Sander’s tenacity and his ability to make this an incredibly hard primary cycle for Clinton to overcome.

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