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Women Voters Reject Tea Party Candidates Paul, Cruz

Quinnipiac, 11/12-11/17

Florida, Republican Women:

  • Bush: 23
  • Rubio: 20
  • Christie: 17
  • Cruz: 9
  • Paul: 5
  • Ryan: 6

While Republicans worry how a potential Hillary Clinton candidacy would swing women voters in a 2016 general election, Tea Party candidates are strongly lacking in female support in their own male-only primary race. In a recent Florida poll that mirrors results around the country, not a single Tea Party candidate received more than 9 percent support from female respondents. Around the US, Tea Partiers strongly lag behind moderate candidates like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

Among registered female Florida Republican voters, 23 percent prefer former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, 20 percent prefer Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and 17 percent prefer New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Meanwhile, Texas Senator Ted Cruz received just 9 percent of the female vote and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul received just 5 percent.

Similar results can be seen nationally. In Colorado, 46 percent of women respondents said that Chris Christie would make a good president while just 32 percent said the same of Rand Paul and 25 percent said Ted Cruz would make a good president.

In another crucial swing state in North Carolina, 42 percent of female voters said they would vote for Chris Christie in a hypothetical matchup against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Meanwhile, just 38 percent said they would back Rand Paul against Hillary and just 34 percent said they would vote for Ted Cruz over Hillary.

In a national Quinnipiac poll, 39 percent of women voters said they would vote for Christie over Hillary. On the other hand, just 34 percent of women said they would vote for Paul over Hillary and a mere 31 percent said they would vote for Ted Cruz over Hillary.

In 2012, President Barack Obama earned 55 percent of the female vote and women represented the majority of all voters. Clearly, women are already shying away from Tea Partiers Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, both of whom have staunch anti-choice stances and voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in February. Certainly any Republican would be at a disadvantage against any Democrat with women, much less Hillary Clinton. There is clearly a lot less female push back against Chris Christie than against Paul or Cruz, however.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)