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Uh Oh: Independents Abandon Hillary in New Poll

PPP, 5/9-5/11
North Carolina Independents

  • Clinton: 32, Paul: 46
  • Clinton: 33, Bush: 40
  • Clinton: 36, Christie: 39
  • Clinton: 39, Huckabee: 46

A new PPP North Carolina poll echoes the sentiment of many national voters toward Hillary Clinton over the past few months – run!

The poll, conducted between May 9 and May 11, sampling 877 registered North Carolina voters, found that while presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been able to maintain her slim lead over the Republican pack, independents are abandoning her in droves.

In a hypothetical 2016 matchup against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Clinton now leads by just 1 percent, placing ahead of the Tea Party favorite by a margin of 45-44. In the last poll, conducted in April, Clinton led by four points.

This slight shift is the direct result of independents moving away from Clinton. In March, Clinton led Paul among independents by a margin of 48-39. In April, Paul took the lead among independents by a margin of 40-35. Now, Paul leads Clinton among independent voters by a whopping margin of 46-32. That’s a huge turnaround, especially over just a two-month span.

The same is seen against other candidates. Clinton leads former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by a 45-42 margin. Among independents, however, Clinton led Bush by a 46-38 margin in March. In April, Bush led Clinton among independents by a 45-39 margin and now leads her by a 40-35 margin.

Clinton leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by a 44-40 margin. Among independent voters, Clinton led Christie in March, 39-38. In April, Christie took the lead at 45-38 and currently leads among independent votes by a 39-36 margin.

Clinton also leads former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee by a 47-43 margin. Among independents, though, Huckabee leads her by a 46-39 margin and saw a 44-38 lead in April despite Clinton leading 48-34 in March.

Clearly, independents are either running toward Republican alternatives or simply running from Hillary. Perhaps the ongoing Benghazi accusations are once again hurting her standing or maybe it’s a case of Obama’s low approval numbers weighing down her candidacy.

(Image courtesy of Foreign and Commonwealth Office)