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Ted Cruz Most Popular, Chris Christie Least Popular in Tea Party Poll From America
Tea Party Support

  • Cruz: 84
  • Paul: 80
  • Carson: 77
  • Walker: 70
  • Palin: 64
  • Huckabee: 59
  • Perry: 59
  • Rubio: 52
  • Ryan: 45
  • Bush: 29
  • Christie: 15

Every poll we’ve looked at thus far has been a scientific survey conducted by a polling firm. Today, we look at a less scientific web poll, but one that sampled 62,000 Tea Party activists to gauge their support for the various potential candidates in the Republican field. The results weren’t that surprising.

According to the poll, conducted by and Contract from America, Ted Cruz is the most popular choice among Tea Partiers, with 84 percent of respondents supporting the Texas Senator’s candidacy, while moderate Republicans found themselves well behind.

Coming in second behind Cruz was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with 80 percent of respondents saying they would support Paul’s candidacy. Coming in behind Paul was Dr. Ben Carson, a famed and outspoken surgeon who has garnered a lot of press as an African-American who is part of an overwhelmingly Caucasian Tea Party movement. Carson’s candidacy would be supported by 77 percent of Tea Partiers polled.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, becoming a mainstay in the Tea Party’s war against unions, found himself supported by 70 percent of respondents. Right behind him was former Alaska Governor and McCain running mate Sarah Palin with 64 percent.

Everyone else finished below 60 points. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee received 59 percent, as did Texas Governor Rick Perry. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal received 56 percent, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley received 55 percent, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio received 52 percent.

The other candidates failed to garner 50 percent, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Iowa Congressman Steve King, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Among major candidates, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan received 45 percent, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush received 29 percent, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received a mere 15 percent.

The Tea Party will certainly have a big impact on the 2016 Republican primaries but, ultimately, even Christie would get their vote in the general election since is incredibly unlikely that he’s less popular than Hillary Clinton among the ultra-conservative wing.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)