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Sam Brownback Has Bankrupted State So Much He Trails Democrat Paul Davis by 10 Points in Deep Red Kansas

Rasmussen, 8/6-8/7
Kansas Governor

  • Davis (D): 51
  • Brownback (R): 41

Sam Brownback ran on one of the most conservative platforms in the country when he won his 2010 gubernatorial election against Democrat Tom Holland in 2010 by a huge 63-32 margin. Four years later, his policies have crippled the state and the man who won his first election by a landslide is now trailing Democratic challenger Paul Davis by double-digits in one of the reddest states in the country.

A new Rasmussen poll, conducted between August 6 and August 7, sampling 750 likely voters, found that Paul Davis leads Sam Brownback by 10 points. Two Survey USA polls conducted in June and July also had Davis leading by 6-8 percent.

Davis, the Minority Leader in the Kansas House of Representatives, is quickly becoming the favorite to win the state and it’s no surprise given how unsuccessful Brownback has been.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that, “The state’s bond rating recently was downgraded over concerns the state would have to burn through its rainy day funds to make up for revenues lost to his tax cuts.”

“The FBI has launched an inquiry into whether members of Brownback’s inner political circle tried to pressure companies to hire certain lobbyists close to Brownback’s administration,” the paper reports.

Politics USA reports that, “Governor Sam Brownback and the Republican legislature were so confident that slashing safety nets, cutting education, and spending a budget surplus on tax cuts for the rich would produce an economic bonanza, they gave the wealthy well over a billion dollars in unfunded tax cuts that has the state’s economy starved of revenue. However, despite Republican warnings the state will be bankrupt in two years, more than 100 Kansas Republicans swearing to help replace Brownback with a Democrat for governor, and a credit agency downgrading Kansas credit, a noted conservative economist lied to support Brownback’s tax cuts as a job creating bonanza. Kansas is lagging behind the rest of the nation in creating jobs besides facing a revenue shortfall of massive proportions.”

Because Brownback is in trouble, the national Democratic Party has now turned much of its attention to this race, unlike the 2010 race when Brownback easily coasted to a win.