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Republicans’ Best Chance to Beat Hillary is Rand Paul: New Poll

Rasmussen, 6/16-6/17

  • Clinton: 46, Paul: 39
  • Clinton: 47, Rubio: 36
  • Clinton: 50, Cruz: 37
  • Clinton: 50, Perry: 36
  • Clinton: 47, Christie: 33

A new Rasmussen poll has found that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the only candidate within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.

According to the poll, conducted between June 16 and June 17, sampling 1,000 likely voters, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul trails Clinton by a margin of 46-39 and is the only candidate within single-digits of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Paul had trailed Clinton by 9-10 points in the last three national polls we’ve seen since April.

The next closest candidate is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who trails the former Secretary of State by a margin of 47-36. That is the same margin as we saw in a Bloomberg poll released earlier this month.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz trails the former First Lady by a margin of 50-37 and has now trailed Clinton by 11+ points in every poll since January.

Texas Governor Rick Perry finds himself trailing the former New York Senator by a margin of 50-36. He has trailed by 14+ points in every poll he has been included in.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trails Clinton by a margin of 47-33. Christie is the only candidate with whom there is a significant discrepancy between this poll and other recent polls we’ve seen.

The Bloomberg poll released on in early June had Christie within 7 percent of Hillary.

A Fox News poll from April had him within eight points.

Of course, Christie trails pretty badly in most Republican primary polls so it may all be irrelevant regardless.