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Paul Ryan May Have Best Shot to Defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016

McClatchy/Marist, 2/4-2/9

  • Clinton: 52, Ryan: 44
  • Clinton: 55, Huckabee: 41
  • Clinton: 56, Cruz: 39
  • Clinton: 58, Paul: 38
  • Clinton: 58, Bush: 38
  • Clinton: 58, Christie: 37
  • Clinton: 58, Rubio: 37

According to a new McClatchy/Marist poll, Hillary Clinton leads every Republican candidate by at least 14+ points – except Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

The poll, conducted between February 4 and February 9, sampling 490 registered voters, found that 2012 Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan trails Clinton by 8 percent of the national vote, the smallest margin among any other Republican candidate.

Ryan wasn’t just the closest, he was the closest by a lot. Coming in behind him is rising Republican contender and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who trails Clinton by a margin of 55-41. A CNN poll conducted a week prior also shows Huck down to the former Secretary of State by a 17 point margin.

The only other candidate polling within 20 percent of Clinton is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz trails the former First Lady by a margin of 56-39.

Every other Republican candidate is well behind Clinton in the polls. Kentucky Senator and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul trails Clinton by a margin of 58-38. The CNN poll showed Paul trailing by a similar 18 percent.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also trails Hillary by a margin of 58-38. That’s almost exactly where he finished in the CNN poll, trailing the former New York Senator 57-37.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who appeared to have the best chance at defeating Clinton as recently as December, now trails the Democratic frontrunner by a margin of 58-37. In the CNN poll, he trailed Hillary by a 16 point margin and continues to slide.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is showing some signs of life in Republican polling, also trails Clinton by a 58-37 margin. That’s right around what the CNN poll showed with Rubio trailing Clinton by 19 points.

Not only is Hillary Clinton a dominant favorite for the Democratic nomination, with Chris Christie down and out, she appears to be the overwhelming favorite to defeat any potential Republican foe.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)