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Paul, Bush, Huckabee Gain on Hillary in North Carolina

PPP, 2/6-2/9
North Carolina

  • Clinton: 47, Paul: 44
  • Clinton: 45, Christie: 42
  • Clinton: 47, Bush: 43
  • Clinton: 48, Huckabee: 42

While Hillary Clinton has a significant lead over any potential Republican nominee in national polling, we know that elections ultimately come down to swing states. We’ve already seen that Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble in Colorado, a state that Barack Obama carried in both of his election wins. Now, a new PPP poll has found that Hillary Clinton has just a small lead over the top GOP contenders in North Carolina.

The poll, conducted between February 6 and February 9, sampling 708 registered voters, found that Clinton’s lead over any of the top Republican candidates is well within the margin of error.

After leading Clinton in three straight North Carolina polls, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has fallen off somewhat but is still within 3 percent of the former Secretary of State. While Christie’s numbers have fallen off significantly around the country, Christie is still within striking distance of Hillary, trailing by a margin of 45-42.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is also within three points of the former First Lady, trailing Clinton by a margin of 47-44. Paul had trailed Hillary by as much as 9-12 percent in North Carolina when polling began but has now been within 4 percent of Clinton in three straight polls.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been within striking distance since polling began and finds himself trailing the former New York Senator by 4 percent. Trailing Clinton by a margin of 47-43, Bush has now been within 4 percent of Hillary in every North Carolina poll thus far.

Mike Huckabee hadn’t been included in any North Carolina polls until now but the rising GOP contender is also within reach, trailing Clinton by a margin of 48-43.

Although Barack Obama was able to eke out a win in North Carolina in 2008, Mitt Romney won the state in 2012. The current Republican pack clearly doesn’t appeal to voters as much as only Jeb Bush would get 85 percent of voters who voted for Romney in 2012. Mike Huckabee would get 84 percent of Romney voters, Rand Paul would get 82 percent of Romney voters, and Chris Christie would get just 78 percent of Romney voters.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)