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Majority of Voters Support a Hillary 2016 Run, Don’t See Age or Health Concern

ABC News/Washington Post, 5/21-5/25

  • Hillary Support: 55 percent support, 39 percent oppose
  • Rove Comments: 26 percent approve, 66 percent disapprove
  • Bill Clinton: 63 percent favorable, 32 percent unfavorable

A new ABC-Washington Post poll has found that the majority of voters support Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid and are none too happy about Karl Rove asserting that Clinton may be too old to run or may have suffered brain damage in her fall a couple of years back.

The poll, conducted between May 21 and May 25, sampling 1,017 adults, found that 55 percent of American adults and 52 percent of all registered voters support Hillary Clinton as a candidate for president in 2016.

Among those, 32 percent of registered voters said they strongly support Hillary and 20 percent somewhat support Hillary. On the other hand, just 28 percent of Americans strongly oppose a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

On the flip side, respondents were asked about Karl Rove’s recent comments asserting that Hillary Clinton may be too old or not healthy enough to run.

A whopping 66 percent of respondents and 67 percent of registered voters disapproved of those comments with 47 percent strongly disapproving of what Rove said. Just 11 percent strongly approve of his comments so he hasn’t made too many friends in recent days.

The poll also found that Bill Clinton remains incredibly popular and could be a huge help to Hillary’s campaign, even as Obama’s sagging poll numbers may hamper her in the early going.

The poll found that 63 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Bill and just 32 percent have an unfavorable view of the former president. Thirty-three percent of registered voters said they have a very favorable view of Mr. Clinton and just 20 percent said they have a very unfavorable view.

Clinton is clearly very healthy in the polls right now and Bill could certainly be her biggest weapon en route to a 2016 bid.

(Image courtesy of Veni Markovski)