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Jeb Bush Closes in on Hillary Clinton in Florida

Quinnipiac, 1/22-1/27

  • Clinton: 49, Bush: 43
  • Clinton: 51, Rubio: 41
  • Clinton: 52, Ryan: 39
  • Clinton: 53, Paul: 38
  • Clinton: 54, Cruz: 34

With Chris Christie’s campaign floundering, the Republicans find themselves without a frontrunner and every potential candidate currently trails Hillary Clinton nationally in head-to-head polls by a big margin. One potential GOP foe that could alter the electoral landscape enough to challenge Hillary, however, is Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida who finds himself as the only Republican candidate who trails Clinton by less than 10 points in the Sunshine State in a new Quinnipiac poll.

The poll, conducted between January 22 and January 27, sampling 1,565 registered Florida voters, found that Hillary Clinton leads every Republican candidate by at least 6 points in the key swing state.

Jeb Bush, who served as the state’s governor from 1999 to 2007, is the only candidate within striking distance of the former Secretary of State, trailing Clinton by a margin of 49-43. Aside from seeing a solid homefield bump, Bush certainly has the political apparatus within the state to make a strong stand in Florida in both the GOP primary and the general election, a key to any successful presidential run.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also received a slight homefield bump but still finds himself trailing the former First Lady by a margin of 51-41. While the Republicans would like to see Rubio as a candidate that brings more of the Hispanic vote to the party, Rubio trails Hillary among Florida’s Hispanic voters by a margin of 56-33.

All of the other candidates finished well behind the former New York Senator. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan trails Hillary by a margin of 52-39. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, despite pulling within 4 percent of Clinton in a Florida poll conducted in November, now finds himself trailing by a margin of 51-35. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul trails Clinton by a margin of 53-38. Finishing worse than any other candidate was Texas Senator Ted Cruz who trails Hillary by a margin of 54-34.

One important name missing from the poll was Mike Huckabee, who has finished first in the last two Republican primary polls we’ve seen.

Since 1964, every presidential candidate who has won Florida has gone on to win the general election.

(Image courtesy of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia)