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Independents, Moderates Abandon Chris Christie in New Poll

Quinnipiac, 1/15-1/19
Would Christie Make a Good President?

  • Total: 35 yes, 36 no
  • Republican: 50 yes, 22 no
  • Democrat: 24 yes, 45 no
  • Independent: 36 yes, 40 no
  • Conservative: 40 yes, 29 no
  • Moderate: 35 yes, 37 no
  • Liberal: 27 yes, 51 no

It’s been a tough few weeks for New Jersey Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is now down in the Republican polls and losing badly to Hillary Clinton. Things will probably get worse for the governor before they get better, as more scandals keep piling up and he finds himself under federal investigation. The question is, can Christie come back?

Christie has never been a favorite among the conservative wing of the party but he was among the strongest candidates with independent and moderate voters. As it turns out, his strength was very superficial as a new Quinnipiac poll has found that moderates and independents have quickly abandoned Christie while his conservative support has remained about the same.

The poll, conducted between January 15 and 19, sampling 1,933 registered voters, found that just 35 percent of voters believe Christie would make a good president, down from 49 percent a mere two months ago.

Among those polled, 50 percent of Republicans said that Christie would make a good president, compared to just 36 percent of independents and, of course, a mere 24 percent of Democrats.

Among political philosophies, 40 percent of conservatives said that Christie would make a good president, compared to 29 percent who believe he wouldn’t. On the other hand, just 35 percent of moderates believe Christie would make a good president and 37 percent believe he wouldn’t. Among liberals, 27 percent believe Christie would make a good president and a whopping 51 percent believe he wouldn’t.

In a head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton, Christie has lost all appeal among the middle. Among those polled, 41 percent of independents favored Hillary while 40 percent of independents favor Christie, a big change from what we’ve seen before.

Among moderates, a whopping 52 percent would vote for Clinton, compared to just 34 percent for Christie.

All in all, this string of scandals has really hit Christie’s strengths the hardest. Worst for him is that you can’t come back while under fire of accusations and federal investigations. For now, Christie can only hope to contain the bleeding.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)