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Hillary Clinton Trails Paul Ryan, Rand Paul in New Colorado Poll

Quinnipiac, 1/29-2/2

  • Clinton: 43, Ryan: 48
  • Clinton: 43, Paul: 47
  • Clinton: 43, Christie: 42
  • Clinton: 44, Cruz: 43

Though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the Republican pack by a healthy margin in swing states like Florida, Clinton finds herself struggling to gain support in the swing state of Colorado, a state that Barack Obama carried by a healthy margin in both 2008 and 2012.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, conducted between January 29 and February 2, sampling 1,139 registered Colorado voters, Hillary Clinton trails both Paul Ryan and Rand Paul in the Centennial State, and leads Chris Christie and Ted Cruz by just one point.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, emerging as a legitimate threat to win the party’s nomination, finished with the strongest showing, leading the former First Lady by a margin of 48-43. That’s even better than his support in the last Colorado poll, conducted in November, when he led Clinton by a margin of 45-43.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the Tea Party favorite for the 2016 nomination, leads the former New York Senator by a margin of 47-43. Paul has now led Clinton by a 2-4 point margin in the last three Colorado polls we’ve seen.

Texas Senator and fellow Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz didn’t have the same success as Ryan and Paul but closed in on Hillary and now trails by just one point. He had trailed Clinton by three points in the last poll we saw.

On the other hand, Chris Christie has plummeted from his frontrunner standing in previous polls but still only trails Clinton by just a single point. In the last Quinnipiac poll in November and a PPP poll in December, Christie led Hillary by a 7-8 point margin.

Colorado has a large percentage of independent voters and the state swings often. Hillary is in big trouble among Colorado’s independent voters as she trails even far right candidate Rand Paul by a 52-32 margin. Independent voters also prefer Ted Cruz by a margin of 46-35, Paul Ryan by a margin of 53-34, and Chris Christie by a margin of 43-34.