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Hillary Clinton Takes Big Lead in Pennsylvania as Christie Crashes

Quinnipiac, 2/19-2/24

  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 41
  • Clinton: 53, Paul: 38
  • Clinton: 53, Santorum: 37
  • Clinton: 53, Bush: 36
  • Clinton: 54, Cruz: 34

In December, Hillary Clinton was in serious swing state trouble as she led Chris Christie by just one percent in Pennsylvania. In November, during the height of Christie’s popularity, the New Jersey Governor led the former Secretary of State by four points in the Keystone State. A new Quinnipiac poll, however, has found that Christie now trails Hillary by a significant margin while every other major GOP candidate is well behind the former First Lady.

The poll, conducted between February 19 and February 24, sampling 1,405 registered Pennsylvania voters, found that Hillary Clinton now leads Chris Christie by 5 percent. While that’s not a huge margin, it’s a 9-point turnaround from November’s numbers. More so, Christie is still under federal investigation and can very well lose even more ground.

While the Bridgegate scandal has taken a toll on Christie’s campaign before it even started, the other major potential GOP candidates don’t even appear to have a chance to win Pennsylvania. Although Pennsylvania is considered a swing state, the Quaker State has gone for the Democratic candidate in every election since 1988 when George H.W. Bush narrowly eked out a win over Michael Dukakis.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul trails Hillary by a margin of 53-38. That gap has consistently widened as Hillary led by just 8 percent in November and 12 percent in December. Texas Senator and fellow Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz finished even worse, trailing the former New York Senator by a margin of 54-34. As with Paul, that gap has widened from 12 percent in November and 18 percent in December.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush trails Clinton by a margin of 53-36, essentially the same as December when he trailed the presumed Democratic nominee by 16 points.

Even former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum fails to garner any real support in his own state as he trails Clinton by a margin of 53-37. In December, he lagged behind Hillary by 13 percent.

It’s becoming more and more evident that unless Chris Christie is able to resurrect his campaign, the rest of the Republican field is too polarizing to compete in moderate swing states.

(Image courtesy of Veni Markovski)