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Hillary Clinton Swings Iowa Blue in Latest Poll

PPP, 2/20-2/23

  • Clinton: 45, Christie: 39
  • Clinton: 46, Huckabee: 42
  • Clinton: 45, Bush: 41
  • Clinton: 47, Paul: 42

In November and December of 2013, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trailed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the polls in Iowa. A new PPP poll, however, has found that Clinton has swung the Hawkeye State in her favor and now leads Christie and every other potential major Republican opponent by a significant margin.

The poll, conducted between February 20 and February 23, sampling 869 registered Iowa voters, found that Clinton now leads Christie by a six-point margin despite trailing the scandal-plagued governor by 5 percent in the last two polls to come out of the swingstate. Leading by a margin of 45-39, Clinton is starting to pull away from the embattled moderate Republican.

In a hypothetical matchup against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who leads the Iowa Republican caucus race, Clinton would win 46-42 if the election was held today. This was the first survey to poll a hypothetical Clinton-Huckabee matchup in Iowa.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who appeared to be closing in on Clinton after trailing the former First Lady by just 1 percent in the last poll in December, has fallen back and now lags by a margin of 47-42.

On the other hand, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush closed some of the gap on the former New York Senator and now only trails Clinton by 4 percent. Bush trailed Clinton by 7 percent in December and by 14 percent last summer.

While pulling ahead of the GOP pack, Clinton also continues to lead the Iowa Democratic caucus race by a dominant margin. Clinton leads Iowa with 67 percent of the vote (after polling at 68+ in three straight polls). Coming in a distant second is Vice President Joe Biden with 12 percent of the vote (right around where he is in most states). No other candidate is able to garner double-digits at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren received 5 percent, Virginia Senator Mark Warner received 3 percent, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo received 2 percent.

(Image courtesy of 4Neus)