The latest on the presidential horse race.

Hillary Clinton Leads Christie, GOP Pack in Pennsylvania

Quinnipiac, 12/11-12/16

  • Clinton: 44, Christie: 43
  • Clinton: 52, Paul: 40
  • Clinton: 54, Cruz: 36
  • Clinton: 52, Bush: 36
  • Clinton: 51, Santorum: 38

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Hillary Clinton in the polls as she’s seen her lead over Republicans slip significantly but the former Secretary of State received some good news this week with a new Quinnipiac poll showing her with an edge in the key swing state of Pennsylvania.

The poll, conducted between December 11 and December 16, sampling 1,061 registered Pennsylvania voters, found that Clinton currently leads the entire GOP pack in potential head-to-head matchups. More importantly, she has taken a slight one-point lead over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with a margin of 44-43. In November, a PPP poll showed Christie with a four point advantage, leading the former First Lady 48-44. As we can see, it hasn’t been Clinton’s support swelling but rather Christie voters moving from supporting the neighboring governor to the undecided column.

If the Republicans nominate someone else, Clinton should have no problem defeating any other potential challenger. Clinton leads Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who is very close to Christie in the Republican nomination polls, by a strong margin of 52-40. In November, she only led the senator by eight points, 51-43.

Paul’s Tea Party ally Ted Cruz is in even bigger trouble as Clinton leads the Texas Senator by 18 percent. In November, she led Cruz in a hypothetical matchup by a margin of 53-41, up to 54-36 in December.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, considered to be one of the stronger candidates in the GOP race, didn’t fair any better as Clinton leads the former president’s younger brother by 16 points. In November, polls showed Clinton with a 48-44 advantage over Bush, up to 52-36 in December.

Rick Santorum, a longshot candidate but one that should have an advantage in a state he was previously elected Senator, also trails the former New York Senator by a 52-36 margin.

This is great news for Clinton, despite the tiny lead over Christie, especially considering that just 39 percent of Pennsylvania voters said they approve of Barack Obama. Clearly, Hillary’s support hasn’t been tied to the problems the President is having like Democratic congressional candidates.

(Image courtesy of Chatham House, London)