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Florida, Georgia Governor Races All Tied Up As Democrats Charlie Crist, Jason Carter Surge

Florida: CNN

  • Crist (D): 44
  • Scott (R): 44

Georgia: WSB-TV/Landmark

  • Carter (D): 46
  • Deal (R): 46

Both Georgia and Florida looked like they were headed toward re-electing their incumbent Republican governors but Democratic challengers Charlie Crist and Jason Carter have flipped the script with just three weeks until Election Day.

In Florida, a Tampa Bay Times poll has incumbent Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist all tied up at 40 percent of the vote apiece while a new CNN poll has the two deadlocked in a 44-44 tie. Scott had led most of the polls out of Florida for the majority of the summer. Now, two of the last five polls out of the Sunshine State are a dead heat while Crist leads three of the last five polls by 2-5 percent.

Crist had actually been the odds on favorite early in the race before Scott pulled into a slight but consistent lead in June and July. Scott has not led by more than a few percentage points and Crist certainly appears to have the momentum on his side.

Georgia is a completely different situation. While Scott and Crist have exchanged leads, incumbent Georgia Governor Nathan Deal looked like he could easily defeat young Democratic challenger Jason Carter.

Deal lead by as much as 5-6 percent to close out September but a new Survey USA poll has the two candidates tied at 46-46 while a WSB-TV poll has the race tied at 45-45.

The biggest difference maker in Georgia will be how the Senate race affects the gubernatorial race and vice versa.

Right now, Democrat Michelle Nunn is surging ahead of Republican David Perdue who is taking a beating for his long career of outsourcing jobs overseas. If Nunn can pull ahead by a significant number (she currently leads Perdue by 3 in a new Survey USA poll) she could certainly help Carter pull out an unlikely win.