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Five Republicans Polling in Double-Digits in Latest GOP Nomination Survey

Fox News, 12/14-12/16

  • Christie: 16
  • Cruz: 12
  • Ryan: 12
  • Bush: 12
  • Paul: 11
  • Rubio: 8
  • Walker: 6
  • Santorum: 3
  • Perry: 3

A new Fox News poll has found that Chris Christie has maintained a slight lead in the 2016 Republican nomination race but another four candidates drew double-digit support as the party remains hopelessly split on who should carry the GOP torch into the next presidential election.

The poll, conducted between December 14 and December 16, sampling 376 registered voters (a very low sample size for a national poll though with very similar results to previous December polls), found that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has maintained his front-runner status, albeit by just four points, garnering 16 percent of the vote. Despite the small sample size, this is right where we have seen Christie all month as three previous December polls showed him leading the pack with 17-19 percent of the vote.

Second place saw a three-way tie with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush each drawing 12 percent of the vote. Cruz has been polling between 10-14 all month so this is right what we expected. Bush has been polling 10-11 percent in previous December polls so he’s stayed largely put as well. For Ryan, on the other hand, this is the largest amount of support he has drawn in a single poll since the fall when fewer candidates were being considered.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who had previously been tied with or a close second to Christie, found himself in fifth place with 11 percent of the vote. This is the lowest chunk of the vote that Paul has gotten since the summer, although a recent PPP poll found him with 11 percent as well. In the fall, Paul had been polling at 16-20 percent but has seen that evaporate as more candidates have gotten involved.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio received 8 percent of the vote and had gotten 7 percent in every single other poll taken in December. That’s definitely a drop off from the 10-16 point totals he was seeing in the fall.

The rest of the pack remained irrelevant. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker finished with 6 percent, the most he’s earned in any poll yet. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Texas Governor Rick Perry finished dead last with 3 percent apiece.

Christie may be ahead in all of these polls but there are at least four candidates within striking distance and this poll didn’t even include highly likely candidate Mike Huckabee.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)