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Cracks: Hillary Support in Florida Plummets in New Poll

PPP, 6/6-6/9

  • Clinton: 46, Bush: 45
  • Clinton: 48, Rubio: 44
  • Clinton: 48, Paul: 42
  • Clinton: 48, Huckabee: 41
  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 38
  • Clinton: 50, Cruz: 39

While Florida looked like it would be one of Hillary Clinton’s key strongholds in early polls, a new PPP poll shows that Hillary’s support in the Sunshine State has plummeted since March.

According to the poll, conducted between June 6 and June 9, sampling 672 Florida voters, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton now leads former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by just one point, a 46-45 margin. That number is fairly shocking considering the last PPP poll from March had Clinton ahead of the former governor by a strong 53-40 margin.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has also seen a huge turnaround. The former Secretary of State now leads the lone potential Hispanic candidate by a margin of 48-44. In March, Clinton led Rubio by a huge 56-40 margin.

And it wasn’t just the home state politicians that are inching closer to the former First Lady.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul trails Clinton by just 6 percent. Clinton leads former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee by a margin of 48-41. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trails the former New York Senator by a 46-38 margin. Only Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a double-digit deficit, trailing Hillary by a 50-39 margin.

Interestingly, Bush isn’t even that well liked in his own home state. Just 51 percent have a favorable view of Bush though only 35 percent of Florida voters have an unfavorable view.

On the other hand, Hillary’s favorables have fallen off in a big way. After polling at 56-favorable and 37-unfavorable in March, Clinton is now at just 46 percent favorable and 47 percent unfavorable, a massive swing.

With all that said, Florida voters would prefer not to see Bush or Rubio run in 2016. Just 35 percent of voters said Bush should run, compared to 50 percent who said he shouldn’t. A mere 27 percent said Rubio should run while 59 said that he should sit it out.

(Image courtesy of Marc Nozell)