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Clinton Would Defeat Paul But Lose to Christie, Bush in North Carolina: New Poll

Civitias, 7/28-7/29
North Carolina

  • Clinton: 48, Paul: 47
  • Clinton: 47, Bush: 48
  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 47

A new Civitas Institute poll shows that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would defeat Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in North Carolina – but trails New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the key swingstate.

The poll, conducted between July 28 and July 29, sampling 600 registered North Carolina voters, found that Clinton has a slim 48-47 lead over the Tea Party-backed Paul.

All of the polls out of North Carolina so far have been conducted by PPP. Hillary had not led by more than 3 percent since April.

Christie leads Clinton by a slim 47-46 margin after trailing Hillary by four percent in three of the last four polls to come out of North Carolina. This is the first time Christie has led Hillary here since January, prior to the Bridgegate fiasco that almost brought down his campaign before it began.

Bush leads Clinton by a similar 48-47 margin, the first time Bush has led Hillary in the state.

With that said, Clinton has led Bush by just 1 percent in three of the last four polls out of the state so this is only a slight change.

The poll also found the Bush has a strong lead in the state’s Republican primary race.

Bush leads the rest of the pack with 16 percent of the vote while Christie and Paul are tied for a distant second with 9 percent apiece.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is at 8 percent, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are tied at 7 percent, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are tied with just 3 percent apiece.

(Image courtesy of US Embassy New Zealand)