The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Leads Christie, GOP Pack in Latest Poll

McClatchy/Marist, 12/3-12/5

  • Clinton: 48, Christie: 45
  • Clinton: 52, Rubio: 42
  • Clinton: 53, Bush: 41
  • Clinton: 55, Paul: 40
  • Clinton: 56, Ryan: 40
  • Clinton: 58, Perry: 37
  • Clinton: 57, Cruz: 35
  • Clinton: 59, Palin: 36

Though we have seen Chris Christie leading Hillary Clinton in several key swing states, a new poll from McClatchy/Marist has found that Clinton leads Christie by a 3 percent margin nationwide. Hillary also leads all other potential Republican candidates by at least 10 percent.

The poll, conducted between December 3 and December 5, sampling 988 registered voters, found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 48-45. Clinton has led the hypothetical head-to-head matchup since polling began but Christie showed some momentum in a November Quinnipiac poll when he jumped to a one-percent lead over the former First Lady following an impressive landslide victory in his gubernatorial re-election. That’s been the only such poll thus far and Christie has fallen back four points in this latest survey, a good sign for Hillary.

The rest of the Republican pack did not fare nearly as well. Florida Senator Marco Rubio had the next lowest margin of defeat, trailing Clinton 52-42. Clinton has consistently led Rubio in the polls by 10-12 percent since the summer.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush didn’t do any better as the poll found him trailing Clinton 53-41. Hillary has led Bush by 8-12 percent in every poll since the summer. The Tea Party frontrunners, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, fared even worse. Paul trails Clinton by a 15 percent margin, 55-40, while Cruz lags by a big 22 points, 57-35. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is right around the same level, trailing Clinton 56-40.

Two candidates the poll was truly bad news for were Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Palin trails Clinton 59-36, a huge 23-point deficit. Perry is polling at around the same numbers, trailing the former New York Senator 58-37.

While the horse race between Clinton and Christie is very, very close and still within the margin of error, the poll does reaffirm the fact that the Republicans don’t have any candidates outside of the New Jersey governor that are immediately viable general election candidates. Christie either leads Hillary or trails by single-digits in most swing states while the rest of the candidates lag significantly farther back.

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