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Clinton Extends Dominant Lead in Democratic Nomination Poll

Fox News, 12/14-12/16

  • Clinton: 68
  • Biden: 12
  • Warren: 7
  • Cuomo: 4
  • O’Malley: 1
  • Patrick: 1

Since polling began, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been well ahead of the rest of the Democratic pack and a new Fox News poll shows the former First Lady with 68 percent of the vote, her largest vote total of the year.

The poll, conducted between December 14 and December 16, sampling 412 registered Democrats, found that former New York Senator Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic pack by a whopping 56 percent over second-place finisher Joe Biden. Hillary has been polling at 64-66 percent in December and closes out 2013 with her largest vote total yet.

Vice President Joe Biden, who has seen his numbers dip from 12 percent to 8-10 in December, found himself back at 12 percent with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer not included in the poll. For the most part, Biden has found himself between 10-13 percent since polling began.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren finished third with 7 percent of the vote. Warren has been polling at 6-9 percent since September and, like the other candidates, has not been able to gain traction. Of course, Warren isn’t actively campaigning and has said that she isn’t running for president, although that’s also something everyone who has ever run for president has said.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo improved the 2-3 percent we’ve seen him at this fall to 4 percent in this latest poll but is a huge longshot for the 2016 nomination. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who remains on the poll despite never garnering more than 2 percent of the vote, finished dead last with just one percent.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick also finished with just 1 percent of the vote and has not been included on most polls we’ve seen.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton is heading into 2014 as the presumed choice of the Democratic party. For all of the talk about the Democrats seeking an alternative to Clinton, not one candidate has been able to gain any traction in the polls. Joe Biden is expected to stay at around 12 percent and is highly unlikely to be a serious challenger to Hillary’s frontrunner status. Elizabeth Warren, Brian Schweitzer, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders all have their supporters but no one has been able to drum up so much as double-digit support in any polls we’ve seen thus far.

(Image courtesy of Department of Defense)