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Christie Lone Republican With a Chance Against Hillary in Latest CNN Poll

CNN, 12/16-12/19

  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 48
  • Clinton: 52, Ryan: 41
  • Clinton: 54, Paul: 41
  • Clinton: 57, Cruz: 39
  • Clinton: 56, Rubio: 37
  • Clinton: 58, Bush: 37

While the Republican nomination race remains extremely close, a new CNN poll has found that Chris Christie’s strength around the country against Hillary Clinton is entirely unmatched by any other potential GOP challenger. The New Jersey governor leads Clinton by 2 percent nationally while Hillary leads all other potential challengers by 8-21 percent.

The poll, conducted between December 16 and December 19, sampling 950 registered voters, found that Christie leads the former Secretary of State by a margin of 48-46. Christie has led Hillary by 1-3 percent in the three latest December polls after trailing in every poll until November.

The race between Christie and Clinton is obviously a dead heat and well within the margin of error but the poll was certainly good news for the Jersey guv as every other GOP challenger trails Hillary by a big margin.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, fresh off a win after successfully negotiating a bipartisan budget deal, was the next closest challenger but still trails Clinton by eight points, 52-44. Certainly this poll is somewhat good news for Ryan as the last December poll, released early in the month, had him down by 16 percent.

As far as “close” races go, that’s about it. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who is neck-and-neck with Christie in the primary polls, trails Clinton by a margin of 54-41. That’s a big hit for the Senator after the two previous polls released in December found him within 5-7 percent of the former First Lady.

Fellow Tea Partier and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who also appeared to be gaining on Hillary as two previous December polls had him within 8-13 percent, now trails by a margin of 57-39.

The two potential “moderate” Republicans from Florida didn’t fare any better. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush trails the former New York Senator by a margin of 58-37 while Florida Senator Marco Rubio trails Clinton by a margin of 56-37.

The Republican nomination race remains deadlocked as GOP voters are struggling to figure out who should represent them but the general national electorate is clearly hoping it’s Christie who is on the ballot in November of 2016.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)