The latest on the presidential horse race.

Christie Leads Clinton in Latest National Poll

PPP, 12/12-12/15:

  • Clinton: 42, Christie: 45
  • Clinton: 48, Paul: 43
  • Clinton: 49, Cruz: 41
  • Clinton: 48, Bush: 43

A new Public Policy Polling survey has found that Chris Christie leads Hillary Clinton nationally in a hypothetical 2016 head-to-head matchup, the second consecutive poll to show the Republican holding a narrow lead over the Democratic frontrunner.

The poll, conducted between December 12 and December 15, sampling 1,316 registered voters, found that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has pulled out to the largest lead he’s had in national polls yet, edging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a margin of 45-42. Clinton had led Christie in all polling until November when Christie made waves with a strong gubernatorial reelection. This is the third of four polls since the election that have Christie in the lead, although the two previous polls only showed the governor with a one point lead.

That’s great news for Christie but the rest of the Republican pack got good news as well as every potential GOP candidate pulled closer to Hillary in head-to-head polling than they’ve been since polling began.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues to inch forward but still trails Clinton by a margin of 48-43. That’s not bad news at all, however, especially this far out from the election. This is the narrowest margin that any poll has shown between the two candidates. Since November, polls have shown Paul trailing by at least 7-9 percent and as much as 15 percent so he has made a lot of headway over the past month.

Fellow Tea Partier and Texas Senator Ted Cruz also pulled significantly closer to the former First Lady, trailing Clinton by a margin of 49-41. That’s still a significant deficit but it’s a big improvement from the 13-22 percent deficits we have seen in this hypothetical matchup all month.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also moved up in the poll, trailing the former New York Senator by a margin of 48-43. Two previous polls in December had Bush down 9-12 percent.

The poll was clearly good news for all Republicans, not just Christie, and without a doubt the most alarming national poll the Hillary camp has seen since polling began.