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Chris Christie Still Popular in Virginia, in Virtual Tie With Clinton

Christopher Newport Univ., 2/23-2/28

  • Clinton: 43, Christie: 41
  • Clinton: 47, Paul: 40
  • Clinton: 48, Rubio: 8
  • Clinton: 47, Cruz: 37
  • Clinton: 46, Walker: 35
  • Clinton: 51, Bush: 38
  • Clinton: 52, Huckabee: 37
  • Clinton: 52, Ryan: 37

While Chris Christie has fallen off around much off the country following the Bridgegate scandal, a new Christopher Newport University poll has found that the New Jersey Governor is still within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in the crucial swing state of Virginia.

The poll, conducted between February 23 and February 28, sampling 901 registered Virginia voters, found that presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads Christie by just 2 percent in Old Dominion, well within the margin of error. Christie had led Hillary in the last Virginia poll, conducted back in November, by the same two-point margin. The race between the two has been within two points, one way or the other, in every poll taken since summer of 2013.

Though Christie has kept most of his popularity in Virginia, the rest of the Republican pack trails the former Secretary of State by a significant margin. The next closest candidate to Clinton is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who trails the former First Lady by a margin of 47-40. Paul has lagged behind Hillary by a 7-9 point margin in every Virginia poll conducted since the summer so we have a good idea where the Tea Party favorite stands.

The only other candidate to finish within single-digits of the former New York Senator was Florida Senator Marco Rubio, trailing Clinton by a margin of 48-40. In the last poll that included Rubio, conducted back in September, the freshman senator trailed by a similar 7 percent.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz trails Clinton by a margin of 47-37. In November, Cruz trailed Hillary by the same 10 point margin.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker trails Clinton by a margin of 46-35. This is the first Virginia poll to even include Walker who is a major longshot for the GOP nomination.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush trails Clinton by a margin of 51-38. The only other survey to poll a hypothetical Clinton-Bush matchup in Virginia was conducted all the way back in July by PPP, with Clinton leading by just 5 percent.

Both Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee finished 15 points back of the Democratic frontrunner. This has to be alarming for the GOP as Ryan and Huckabee have both emerged as potential frontrunners in the GOP race since Christie’s numbers took a downturn.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)