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Chris Christie Favorables, Approval Rating Plummet

Rutgers-Eagleton, 1/14-1/19

  • Christie Approval: 53
  • Christie Favorable: 46

The initial polls to come out after Bridgegate showed that Chris Christie took a hit but survived as his approval rating and favorable rate stayed high. Christie is no longer dealing with just Bridgegate, though, he’s dealing with a federal investigation, an increasing amount of accusations from various mayors, and what news types call “scandal fatigue.”

In the last poll conducted by Rutgers-Eagleton in late 2013, Christie held a 68 percent approval rate, including a 51 among Democrats, 71 among independents, and a whopping 93 among Republicans.

In the new poll, conducted between January 14 and 19, sampling 757 registered New Jersey voters, Christie’s approval has plummeted 15 percent to 53. Among Democrats, it fell to 29 percent, 53 percent among independents, and 83 percent among Republicans.

The approval rating tracks opinion of the job he’s doing. The favorable rate focuses on how voters feel about the governor. In the last poll, Christie held a 65 percent favorable rate, including 92 percent among Republicans, 69 percent among independents, and 45 percent among Democrats.

In the new poll, Christie has fallen to just a 46 percent favorable rate, including 19 percent among Democrats, 55 percent among independents, and 78 percent among Republicans.

Christie’s strength as a candidate was that he appealed to a lot of independents and moderates, even some liberals. Now, Democrats have completely abandoned the Blue State governor, independent support has fallen, and even some Republicans have jumped ship.

Keep in mind that this is just his homestate of New Jersey, where he won re-election in a massive landslide in November. Around the country, we have seen primary voters and general election voters turn to other candidates in light of this recent string of scandals. It’s going to be tough for Christie to recover, especially amid a federal investigation.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)