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Chris Christie Comeback? NJ Governor Pulls Into First Place in New Hampshire Primary

UNH/WMUR, 6/19-7/1
New Hampshire GOP

  • Christie: 19
  • Paul: 14
  • Bush: 11
  • Huckabee: 8
  • Rubio: 8
  • Ryan: 5
  • Cruz: 5
  • Jindal: 5
  • Walker: 3
  • Perry: 2
  • Undecided: 15

Perhaps the rumors of Chris Christie’s campaign’s demise have been exaggerated. A new UNH/WMUR poll shows that the embattled New Jersey Governor has recovered, at least in New Hampshire, and is now in a comfortable first place lead in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

The poll, conducted between June 19 and July 1, sampling 251 likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters, found that Chris Christie leads the first-in-the-nation primary race for the first time since last year with 19 percent of the vote. Christie saw just 12 percent in the last UNH/WMUR poll conducted back in April.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who had led three straight New Hampshire polls, now finds himself in second place with 14 percent of the vote. He had been polling 15-17 percent in five straight UNH/WMUR polls.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is inching his way up to third with 11 percent of the vote. He had received just 3-7 percent in New Hampshire all year.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee finds himself in fourth place with 8 percent of the vote in the first poll that’s included him.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also appears to be bouncing back and tied Huckabee with 8 percent of the vote after seeing just 2-6 percent in New Hampshire since last summer.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal are in a three-way tie with 5 percent of the vote which is down for Ryan, up for Jindal, and par for the course for Cruz.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received 3 percent, Texas Governor Rick Perry received 2 percent, and 15 percent of likely New Hampshire primary voters say they remain undecided.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)