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Can Hillary Turn Louisiana Blue?

PPP, 2/6-2/9

  • Clinton: 43, Christie: 44
  • Clinton: 45, Jindal: 47
  • Clinton: 43, Paul: 47
  • Clinton 44, Huckabee: 49
  • Clinton: 43, Bush: 50

At one point, it appeared as though Chris Christie was in a strong position to make a 2016 stand against Hillary Clinton. With his campaign on the ropes before it even began, Clinton has now taken the lead in most swing states over every Republican candidate and now finds herself in a position to challenge the GOP for even the reddest of red states.

According to a new PPP poll, Clinton is within striking distance of every major potential Republican candidate in the typically red state of Louisiana. The Bayou State has voted for a Republican in every election since 1996 and Barack Obama failed to earn more than 40 percent of the vote there in either of his elections.

If the nominee does end up being Christie, something that’s looking less likely every week, he’d need plenty of help in a traditionally Republican stronghold as he only leads Clinton by 1 percent. The New Jersey governor leads the former Secretary of State by a margin of 44-43.

Even Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, doesn’t have much of a homefield advantage on Clinton as he leads by just a 47-45 margin.

The other major candidates are in a better position but, considering the campaigns haven’t even started, Clinton can certainly catch up. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul leads the former First Lady by a margin of 47-43. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee leads the former New York Senator by a margin of 49-44. Jeb Bush, the former Governor of neighboring Florida, is in the best position, leading Clinton by a margin of 50-43.

Louisiana does not have many liberals so Hillary’s relative strength in Louisiana is impressive. Among poll respondents, just 9 percent self identified as very liberal and a mere 13 percent identified as somewhat liberal.

What’s helping Hillary is her surprising strength among independent voters. Among independent voters, Clinton leads Bush 45-38, Jindal 48-38, Christie 40-31, Huckabee 45-35, and Paul 42-38.

(Image courtesy of Utenriksdept)