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2014 Senate Polls Update: New Hampshire, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa

New Hampshire: New England College

  • Shaheen (D): 47
  • Brown (R): 47

Colorado: Rasmussen

  • Gardner (R): 48
  • Udall (D): 47

Iowa: PPP

  • Ernst (R): 45
  • Braley (D): 43

Kansas: Rasmussen

  • Orman (I): 45
  • Roberts (R): 40

The most competitive Senate races in the country are seeing Republicans make major headway, except Kansas where an independent candidate is surging. Let’s take a look at the latest polls to see what we can make of the races in New Hampshire, Colorado, Kansas, and Iowa.

In New Hampshire, a new New England College poll has the race between Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen and Republican challenger Scott Brown tied at 47 to 47. A CNN poll released in September also had the race tied at 48-48. Shaheen had led every poll out of New Hampshire until that CNN poll and it appears that Brown has made what should have been a Democratic lock into a very competitive race.

Colorado has a similar situation with Republican challenger Cory Gardner pulling ahead after Democratic incumbent Mark Udall had led just about every Colorado poll until September. New polls from Rasmussen and USA Today both have Gardner with a slight 1 percent lead as the calendar turns to October.

In Iowa, where the race was a dead tie earlier in September, a new Des Moines Register poll has Republican Joni Ernst leading Democrat Bruce Braley by 6 percent while a PPP poll has the GOPer up by 2. Ernst has led three of the last five polls and tied Braley in the other two.

In Kansas, Democrat Chad Taylor has dropped out of the race, leaving independent candidate Greg Orman as the odds-on favorite. With Taylor off the ballot, Orman has now led Republican Pat Roberts by 5-6 percent in every head-to-head poll, including surveys from Fox News, Rasmussen, and USA Today.