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Texas Senate: Cornyn Coasting to an Easy Victory over Alameel

Rasmussen Reports, 10/1 – 10/2

Texas Senate

  • John Cornyn – Republican – 50%
  • David Alameel – Democrat – 29%

If you were hoping for a Democrat to win the Texas Senate, don’t hold your breathe. The Republican John Cornyn has the election on lockdown. In this week’s Rasmussen Reports poll, Cornyn achieved 50 percent of the votes, while his Democrat challenger David Alameel only received 29 percent. The numbers remain largely unchanged since the previous poll which was conducted in August. In that poll, 47 percent of the voters chose Cornyn and 29 percent Alameel.

Cornyn has a superior favorability rating of 52 to Alameel’s 29. He is also far more recognizable, only 8 percent of the voters have never heard of him, while 34 percent said the same about Alameel.

The Texas Senate is currently controlled by the Republicans. They own 19 of the seats while the Democrats have only 11.

Both candidates focused on the issue of ISIS in their debate. They both agreed that airstrikes should occur and that ISIS is a real threat that needs to be dealt with. However, Cornyn took it a step further when he voiced his support for committing ground troops to the conflict, a decision that Alameel opposed.

“All the president’s military advisers have said you cannot win this without boots on the ground,” said Cornyn.

Photo credit: Dallas News