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Senate: GOP Wins Pennsylvania, Dems Florida, Split Ohio

The latest poll by Quinnipiac University has revealed the U.S. Senate outcomes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. The Republicans won in Pennsylvania, split Ohio, and lost to the Democrats in Florida.


  • Pat Toomey 49% – Joe Sestak 34%
  • Pat Toomey 51% – Katie McGinty 31%


  • Rob Portman 43% – Ted Strickland 46%
  • Rob Portman 49% – P.G. Sittenfeld 27%


  • Patrick Murphy 37% – Carlos Lopez-Cantera 29%
  • Patrick Murphy 37% – Ron DeSantis 30%
  • Alan Grayson 35% – Carlos Lopez-Cantera 32%
  • Alan Grayson 35% – Ron DeSantis 31%

The Democrats came out ahead, winning the majority of the polls. Pat Toomey decisively won Pennsylvania, with a 15 and 20 point advantage over both of the Democrats.

In Ohio, the two parties split the poll. The Republicans Rob Portman managed to beat P.G. Sittenfeld by a large margin, but lost to Ted Strickland.

Finally, the Democrats cleaned up in Florida, winning every single matchup. Both Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson beat Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Ron DeSantis. Murphy convincingly beat the two Republican candidates, while Grayson’s margin of victory was much smaller.

Photo credit: The Next Web.