The latest on the presidential horse race.

Rounding up the Democrat Presidential Nominees in Iowa

2016 is slowly approaching and both the Democrats and the Republicans will have to decide who will run for president for their party. In the past, Hillary Clinton seemed like a no-brainer. She was destined to lead the Democrats into 2016, but that is slowly changing as Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to gain popularity amongst voters for his grassroots policies.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll has revealed that Clinton is still ahead of the pack, but she is starting to lose her lead to Sanders. The poll was released on July 2 and has a margin of error of 3.6 percent.

  • Who would you support if an election happened today?
    • Joe Biden – 7%
    • Lincoln Chafee – 0%
    • Martin O’Malley – 3%
    • Bernie Sanders – 33%
    • Hillary Clinton – 52%
    • James Webb – 1%
    • No Comment – 5%

To no one’s surprise, Clinton still leads the pack, but her popularity has been falling as the decision deadline approaches. In past polls, Clinton led with leads as high as 44 percent. However, these leads have been dwindling and now sit at 19 percent.

Sanders tends to gain votes in areas of extreme liberalism. His platform is a liberal’s paradise, while Clinton has often been criticized for being pro big business and for supporting her Wall Street friends. Her platform has been changing since Sanders publicized his leftwing ideas, such as, free education, worker’s rights, and more, forcing her to praise true liberal values out of fear of losing a large portion of the Democrats voting bloc.

The race for the Democrats presidential candidacy is between Clinton and Sanders. Biden has no clear shot and none of the other candidates warrant any merit based on the current political circumstances and overall popularity of Sanders and Clinton. The real decision will be based upon whether or not the Democrats want to ride the extreme liberalism of Sanders or conservative liberalism of Clinton.

Photo credit: People.