The latest on the presidential horse race.

Republicans Lead Clinton in Head-To-Head Polls

The latest round of head-to-head polls by CNN has revealed that all of the major Republican candidates have beaten Hillary Clinton in direct matchups. This is the first time that this has happened consistently in over a year and signifies that Clinton is struggling to maintain her status at the top of the polls.

Head-To-Head Polls:

  • Donald Trump 48% – Hillary Clinton 48%
  • Ben Carson 51% – Hillary Clinton 46%
  • Jeb Bush 49% – Hillary Clinton 47%

The only matchup that Clinton didn’t lose was against Trump, but even that one was a tie. She lost handedly to Carson, while even Bush squeaked by with a two point lead. Is this a sign of what is to come for Clinton? Joe Biden performed much better against the Republicans, beating Trump, Bush, while only losing to Carson.

Another poll by Quinnipiac had Bernie Sanders tied with Clinton at 41 percent a piece. The majority of Americans are fed up with Clinton and no longer see her as a relevant and attractive candidate. She is a career politician who values the status quo, she refuses to take a stance on major issues, and only recently did she issue an important policy point in the form of a campaign finance reform plan.

The Democrats remain a better organized party, but they will have to capture the votes of non-affiliated voters if they want to secure the White House in 2016 and Clinton may find that difficult to do given her current popularity amongst voters.

Photo credit: Telegraph.