The latest on the presidential horse race.

Republicans Decisively Win Iowa, Mix It up in New Hampshire

The latest poll by the trifecta consisting of NBC, the Wall Street Journal, and Marxist has revealed that the Democrats are in trouble in Iowa and performing moderately in New Hampshire.


  • Hillary Clinton 41% – Donald Trump 48%
  • Hillary Clinton 40% – Jeb Bush 50%
  • Hillary Clinton 38% – Carly Fiorina 52%
  • Bernie Sanders 48% – Donald Trump 43%
  • Bernie Sanders 44% – Jeb Bush 46%
  • Bernie Sanders 42% – Carly Fiorina 45%

New Hampshire

  • Hillary Clinton 48% – Donald Trump 45%
  • Hillary Clinton 42% – Jeb Bush 49%
  • Hillary Clinton 42% – Carly Fiorina 50%
  • Bernie Sanders 52% – Donald Trump 42%
  • Bernie Sanders 46% – Jeb Bush 46%
  • Bernie Sanders 47% – Carly Fiorina 45%

The Democrats were heavily defeated in Iowa. Bernie Sanders managed to defeat Trump, which is an important match-up, but he lost to both Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina. Hillary Clinton lost the female match-up against Fiorina. While Fiorina is unlikely to win the Republican nomination, it is interesting to see that she polls better than Clinton in a head-to-head female match-up.

In New Hampshire, Sanders performed well, winning all of his match-ups and tying against Jeb Bush. Clinton managed to beat Trump, but lost easy match-ups to Bush and Fiorina.

The overall outcomes of these polls speak volumes to how much Sanders has developed as a candidate. Over the last two months, he has grown significantly and is now challenging Clinton for the top spot for the Democrats.

Photo credit: The TV Page.