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Republican Senator Inhofe Holds a Commanding Lead over Democratic Challenger Silverstein in Oklahoma Senate Race

Rasmussen 7/20/14

Oklahoma Senate

  • R. Jim Inhofe, 58%
  • D. Matt Silverstein, 27%
  • Undecided, 10%
  • Other Candidate, 4%

Republican Senator Jim Inhofe has held the Oklahoma Senate position since 1995 and looks like he will easily win another election for the position. In a recent Rasmussen Reports Poll, he scored 58% of the vote while his Democratic opponent, Matt Silverstein only achieved 27%. The poll accounted for a 95% accuracy rating and had a 4% margin of error.

Many doubt whether or not the 80 year old Inhofe can sustain another term, but he seems poised and ready to represent Oklahoma in the Senate. “I went home and I talked to my wife and I said you know we’ve got a serious problem here, we’re going to have this guy around for four more years,” Inhofe told KRMG. “I just can’t bail out now,’ said Inhofe when he decided he would run for re-election.

Silverstein, the much younger candidate, is struggling to gain momentum at the polls. His platform consists of cutting wasteful spending, honoring veterans, protecting social security and Medicare, and investing in children’s education. Yet, he hasn’t been able to convince voters that he is a better choice than Inhofe, who is a much more established name in the state.

According to a poll conducted by Rothenberg Political Report, Oklahoma State is considered a safe Republican state. Inhofe should easily win the race so long as he continues to pursue a consistent and stable platform. Silverstein will struggle to win over voters, unless he can provide them with something substantial, a promise that he is unlikely to be able to follow through on, and a promise that Inhofe could easily match based on his reputation, name, connection, and more.

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