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Obama’s Approval Ratings Remain Static

The latest round of polls tallying President Barack Obama’s approval ratings remain static. Several polls conducted by Gallup, Rasmussen Reports, Reuters, The Economist and YouGov, and ABC News and the Washington Post had the president scoring approval ratings across the mid-forties

Obama’s Approval Ratings:

  • Gallup – 45%
  • Rasmussen Reports – 45%
  • Reuters – 44%
  • The Economist / YouGov – 47%
  • ABC News / The Washington Post – 47%

Obama’s approval ratings have hovered around the forties for over a year. For most of the summer, his approval ratings were at the current average and they haven’t budged at all. His highest approval ratings of the current term were achieved in 2012 when he scored a 53.8 percent in Dec. 2012. It seems unlikely that his approval ratings will change much going forward as he rides out his final term. Obama’s main job for the Democrats is to remain low key and to avoid damaging the party’s reputation as they approach the upcoming election.

Former President George W. Bush achieved much lower approval ratings when he left office. From 2008-2009, his approval ratings were below the forties and he scored as low as the high twenties at certain points. Obama may be an unpopular president as his term comes to an end, but he isn’t as unpopular as Bush was.

Photo credit: PlayBuzz.