The latest on the presidential horse race.

Loras College Poll Puts Clinton at the Top of the Democrats in Iowa

The latest poll from Loras College has revealed that Hillary Clinton is at the top of the Democrats in Iowa. In this poll, Bernie Sanders took a sizeable step back.

Which candidate is your first choice for the Democrats?

  • Hillary Clinton – 48.2%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22.9%
  • Joe Biden – 16.3%

Which candidate is your first or second choice?

  • Hillary Clinton – 73.5%
  • Joe Biden – 47.4%
  • Bernie Sanders – 39.4%

Clinton still holds the lead for the Democrats and she is starting to push back against Sander’s momentum. Biden hasn’t made it clear whether or not he will run for president.

“In looking at the second choices of voters, it appears that if Joe Biden decides not to run for the nomination, Hillary Clinton will be the beneficiary of that decision,” stated the poll. “Of the voters who chose Biden as their first choice, 54.9 percent indicated Hillary Clinton was their second choice, while only 20.7 percent indicated they supported Bernie Sanders as their second choice.”

Sanders still has the potential to close the gap, but he will need to step up his campaign and continue his grassroots pressure. He is a devoted candidate and stands for what he believes in, unlike Clinton, who appears to have no platform and is cozy with big business.

Photo credit: The Immoral Minority.