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Hawaii Governor: Close Race between Ige and Aiona

Rasmussen Reports, 9/9 – 9/10

Hawaii Governor

  • David Ige – Democrat – 40%
  • Duke Aiona – Republican – 39%
  • Mufi Hannemann – Independent – 14%
  • Other – 2%
  • Undecided – 6%

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll has revealed a close race between the Democrat David Ige and his Republican opponent Duke Aiona for the Hawaii Governor. The poll asked 750 likely voters who they would vote for if an election were to occur as of today. The poll had a margin of error of 4%. The results were very close. Ige secured 40% of the votes, while his opponent Aiona received 39%. Coming in third place was the independent Hannemann with 14%. 2% of voters liked different candidates and 6% were undecided.

The demographics for this poll were as follows: 51% were male, 49% female, 21% were aged 18-39, 57% were 40-64, and 22% were 65+, 47% were white, while 53% were non-white, and 45% identified as Democrats, 21% Republican, and 34% identified with a different party all together. The demographics for this poll are different than a typical Rasmussen Report’s poll. Generally, 70% of their voters identify as white, but in this poll, non-white voters outnumbered white voters.

Aiona had a strong approval rating of 63% and a disapproval rating of 30%, while Ige’s was slightly lower at 59% and 26%. 2% of voters have never heard of Aiona and 4% have never heard of Ige. Their numbers are very similar and it is difficult to speculate who had the advantage at the present moment.

In terms of accountability, 38% of the voters trust Aiona to handle government spending, while 35% trust Ige. For taxes, 38% believe in Aiona and 37% for Ige.  On social issues, both candidates were tied at 39%. For ethics and corruption, Aiona scored 41% and Ige 34%. Finally, 86% of voters claimed that they were certain to vote.

Photo credit: Election Projection