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Georgia Governor Update: Republican Deal Gains the Lead

Rasmussen Reports, 9/30 – 10/1

Georgia Governor

  • Nathan Deal – Republican – 49%
  • Jason Carter – Democrat – 43%
  • Other – 2%
  • Undecided – 6%

A new update has arrived for the Georgia governor election. Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll at the end of September. The Republican Nathan Deal has pulled ahead with 49 percent of the votes, while his Democratic challenger Jason Carter only received 43 percent.

In the previous poll, Deal and Carter were nearly tied with 45 percent and 44 percent of the vote. The stalemate appears to be broken and Georgia appears as if it will end up in the hands of the Republicans.

53 percent of the voters see Deal as a favorable candidate, while 44 percent feel the same way about Carter. Deal also beat Carter out when it comes to name recognition. 2 percent of the voters have never heard of Deal, while 9 percent say the same about Carter. 51 percent of the voters approve of Deal.

43 percent of the voters trust Deal more when it comes to government spending and only 33 percent trust Carter. The same statistics appeared over the issue of taxation, both candidates split with 38 percent of the vote on social issues, and Carter received 38 percent of the vote to Deal’s 33 percent on the issue of government ethics and corruption.

The recent change is attributed to Deals most recent attack ad in which he lambasted his opponent for wanting to increase spending and taxes for small businesses and the middle class. Carter denounced the ad and claimed that it was dishonest, but Deal asserted that attack ads are a necessary part of politics and elections.

Photo credit: Daily Kos