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Georgia Elections: The Latest on the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/16 – 10/24

Georgia Senate / Georgia Governor

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has released a new poll revealing the results for both the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor elections.

Georgia Governor:

  • Nathan Deal – Republican – 46%
  • Jason Carter – Democrat – 41%
  • Andrew Hunt – Libertarian – 5%


Deal has led the Georgia governor race more often than his opponent Carter. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll has him at a +5, but a similar poll conducted by CNN earlier this week has Carter at a +2.

Deal held the lead in September numerous times, trading with Carter in the odd poll. In early September, Deal was a +1 in several polls, by the middle of the month, Insider Advantage rated him at a +4, and at the end of the month, Rasmussen Reports had him at +6.

Georgia Senate:

  • David Perdue – Republican – 44%
  • Michelle Nunn – Democrat – 42%
  • Amanda Swafford – Libertarian – 6%


Data for both polls was gathered by Abt SRBI of New York. 1,170 Georgians were asked who they would vote for in both the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor elections. The margin of error was calculated at 3.6 percent.

For most of October, the majority of the Georgian Senate polls favored Nunn. Survey USA had her at a +2, WRBL at a +1, Insider Advantage at a +2, and a CNN poll had her at a +3.

In September, Purdue had a commanding lead. An Insider Advantage poll pegged him at a +10, Rasmussen Reports at a +5, and various other polls had him in the lead.

Photo credit: Georgia Grad Affairs, Breitbart, IVN.