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Deal Maintains Slight Lead over Carter in Georgia’s Governor Race

Insider Advantage, 7/5 – 8/13

Georgia Governor

  • Nathan Deal (Republican incumbent) – 43%
  • Jason Carter (Democrat) – 39%
  • Andrew Hunt (Libertarian) – 7%
  • Undecided – 11%

The most recent Insider Advantage poll has revealed that Republican Nathan Deal continues to maintain his slight lead over Democrat Jason Carter in the Georgian Governor’s race. In July, Carter led the polls with a +1 and a +7, but his lead evaporated by August when Deal took a +9 and +4 lead. Currently, Deal leads with a +4. However the spread is a +1.3 when the various polls are averaged out.

It is believed that the election will come down to the wire and reports suggest that 35% of African American voters could vote for Deal, but their votes could swing by election day based on voter turnout and other factors. If Deal can appeal to libertarians, he may be able to siphon votes from Andrew Hunt in an effort to increase his lead. Amongst youth who actually vote, Deal has a slight advantage and there is always the issue of voter turnout in midterm elections for Democrats. If the majority of young voters were to show up at the polls, Deal would struggle to secure a victory.

Georgia has a long history of electing governors that align with the Democrats. However, the last two governors, George E. Perdue and Deal himself, have been Republicans. Deal also holds a strong advantage in the name recognition department. Whether or not he has been an effective governor, his name is known in the state and that can generate last minute votes come election time. Will Georgia remain Republican or will it shift back to the Democrats? This is one election where it is nearly impossible to predict who will emerge as the victor.

Photo credit: AP