The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Tops Sanders in Every Major Poll

The latest wave of charts on Huffpost Polster have revealed that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to beat for the Democrats. The only victory Bernie Sanders scored was by one percent in New Hampshire.


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 32%


  • Hillary Clinton – 54%
  • Bernie Sanders – 38%

New Hampshire

  • Bernie Sanders – 43%
  • Hillary Clinton – 42%

South Carolina

  • Hillary Clinton – 73%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%

Sanders continues to struggle to beat Clinton in states outside of his sphere of influence. If he wants to win an election against her, he will need to topple her in states where he isn’t a household name. This will require a lot of work from him, but he is capable of accomplishing it due to his genuine platform. If he can tap into voter angst and apathy towards Clinton, he may be able to siphon votes and increase his voter turnout in an election. Sanders is a far more attractive candidate than Clinton and he has a lot more to offer.

Photo credit: Daily Dot.