The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Narrowly Edges out Trump in a Fox Poll

The latest poll by Fox News has revealed that Hillary Clinton’s once strong lead has nearly evaporated in a head-to-head poll against Donald Trump.

Who would you vote for between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

  • Hillary Clinton – 47%
  • Donald Trump – 42%

The results are extremely telling of Clinton’s current position in the polls. In the past, she was viewed as a candidate who was guaranteed to win the presidential election. Now, she finds herself nearly losing in polls to Trump and she is beginning to feel the heat of Bernie Sanders, who continues to climb the rankings and may usurp her as the head of the Democrats.

Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party and many Americans are beginning to see him as a legitimate candidate. Looking past the circus, he has made valid points on several issues and he doesn’t pander to an audience. Trump is in it for himself, and if you believe his rhetoric, he’s also in it for the good of the country and to make America “great again.”

Clinton is a lifeless candidate. She rarely takes a stance on major issues, she is mired in an email scandal, and she is a career politician, something that the United States doesn’t need. Many see her as a dangerous candidate that would continue the status quo and accomplish nothing.

Photo credit: CNBC.