The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Leads Trump by 5 in the Final Days Before the Election

The end is almost here. According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 5 points.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Donald Trump – 43%

A week ago when the email investigation was reopened by the FBI, it look bad for Clinton, and it appeared like Trump may be able to snatch the lead. However, Trump failed to capitalize on the momentum and the majority of Americans are still willing to vote for Clinton. While her lead isn’t as large as it was before the investigation was reopened, she has managed to stabilize and continues to lead Trump in key demographics.

What about Trump? A few days before the election, Trump’s campaign continues to focus on nonsensical incidents. Take for example, the gun scare at his Reno, Nevada, rally on Saturday, where an innocent Republican man was tackled and escorted out of the rally after someone shouted that he had a gun. No gun was found and the only thing the man had on him was a sign.

How did Trump’s campaign respond to this event? They declared it an assassination attempt even though there is nothing that proves it was anything near as severe as that. Should we be surprised by this type of behavior? No. Trump has been exaggerating the truth since the beginning of this election cycle, and days before the election, he isn’t about to change that.

With two days to go before our next president is decided, the race appears to be in Clinton’s favor. Stay tuned for additional polling data on Monday.

Photo credit: CBC.