The latest on the presidential horse race.

Bush and Clinton Lead Their Parties in Florida Primaries

A recent poll by Mason-Dixon revealed the popularity and viability of each of the candidates from the Democrats and the Republicans.

Leading the back for the Democrats was Hillary Clinton, with a 41 percent lead, while Jeb Bush came in on top for the Republicans, with a 12 percent lead over Marco Rubio.

  • Which candidate from the Democrats would you choose?
    • Hillary Clinton – 58%
    • Bernie Sanders – 17%
    • Joe Biden – 2%
    • Martin O’Malley, 2%
    • Undecided – 23%

Sanders grassroots campaign is gaining popularity, but he will find it difficult to tackle Clinton’s established political machine. The only way that Sanders can win is if he can capitalize on the struggles of the average American through a massive grassroots campaign. While this is his current strategy, he has found it difficult to penetrate classically conservative states who continue to label him as a dangerous socialist.

  • Which candidate from the Republicans would you choose?
    • Jeb Bush – 28%
    • Marco Rubio 16%
    • Scott Walker – 13%
    • Donald Trump 11%
    • Mike Huckabee – 5%
    • Ted Cruz – 4%
    • Rand Paul – 3%
    • Ben Carson – 1%
    • Undecided – 13%

Bush came out on top in Florida. For the most part, Trump has been gaining in popularity for several weeks, yet he struggled to gain any traction in this poll. The Republican presidential candidacy is a three-legged race between Bush, Walker, and Trump. Various other candidates have strong followings in specific states, but the aforementioned three tend to poll well across the country in states where the Republican Party is strong.

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