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Branstad Holds a Commanding Lead in the Race for Governor of Iowa

Public Policy Polling (PPP), 8/22 – 8/24

Iowa Governor

  • Terry Branstad – Republican – 48%
  • Jack Hatch – Democrat – 35%
  • Jim Hennager – Independent – 2%
  • Lee Deakins Hieb – Libertarian – 2%
  • Jonathan Narcisse – Iowa Party – 1%
  • Undecided – 12%

Public Policy Polling’s new poll has revealed that Republican Terry Branstad holds a commanding lead for the Iowa Governor race. The poll asked 915 Iowa voters who they believed would be the most suitable candidate to become the new Iowa Governor. 48% of the voters believe that the current governor, Republican Terry Branstad is the best choice, 35% of the voters support Democrat Jack Hatch, and 12% are undecided.

Branstad’s approval ratings are respectable. He achieved a 50% approval rating, 38% disapproval, and 12% of the voters were unsure. If Branstad can secure votes from the undecided block, he will have a high chance of being re-elected. Prior to his election, the Democrats held the position for two terms. Historically, the state has voted in more Republican governors. In every major poll, Branstad has maintained a double digit lead. Two polls in July yielded a +15 and a +11, while two polls in August resulted in a +17 and a +13.

Branstad is a known quantity in the state. He can use this in his favor when it comes time to vote. However, Hatch has tried to stir the pot. “There’s stale leadership in the statehouse,” Hatch said of Branstad’s current term. “We’ve had administration that has created on his own, the most scandal ridden administration in the history of this state.”

Hatch is willing to take the offensive and it could work in his favor if he is able to back Branstad into a corner. If he tries to push the issues to hard, he may come across as aggressive and scare away potential voters. He is running out of time to establish himself.

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