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Arkansas Senate: Republican Candidate Cotton Pulls Ahead

Rasmussen Reports, 24/9 – 25/9

Arkansas Senate

  • Tom Cotton – Republican – 47%
  • Mark Pryor – Democrat – 40%
  • Other – 5%
  • Undecided – 8%

Republican Tom Cotton has taken the lead against his opponent, the Democrat Mark Pryor for the Arkansas Senate. Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll that asked 750 likely voters who they would vote for in an election. Cotton secured 47 percent of the votes, while the incumbent Pryor received 40 percent. In May, the split was 47 to 43 and in August the split was 43 to 44. Arkansas is considered a Republican leaning state by Rasmussen, but Cotton is struggling to hold a lead over his opponent and this lead likely won’t last until November.

Pryor achieved a favorable rating of 45 percent and a non-favorable rating of 49 percent. His opponent edged him out with a 51 percent favorable rating and a non-favorable rating of 41 percent. Only 1 percent of the voters have never heard of Pryor, while 3 percent have never heard of Cotton. There is no clear advantage in terms of name recognition and both candidates have an equal chance on this front.

The demographics on the poll were standard. 31 percent of the voters identified as Republican, 35 percent as Democrat, and 34 percent as a different party. Despite this even party split, 60 percent of the voters believed that the war on woman was a politically charged slogan and 73 percent of the voters disapproved of President Barack Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants who are crossing the border.

85 percent of those polled claim that they are certain to vote in the upcoming election. If these numbers are accurate, Cotton has a slight advantage in the polls. Still, Pryor currently holds the position and could make a last minute promise in an effort to sway votes at the eleventh hour.

Photo credit: AP.