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2014 Governor Updates: Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas

Rasmussen Reports, 9/24 – 10/2

Minnesota Governor

  • Mark Dayton – Democrat – 50%
  • Jeff Johnson – Republican – 40%

Texas Governor

  • Greg Abbott – Republican – 51%
  • Wendy Davis – Democrat – 40%

Arkansas Governor

  • Asa Hutchinson – Republican – 46%
  • Mike Ross – Democrat – 42%

Rasmussen Reports has released several updates on many of the gubernatorial contests throughout the country. In most of the states, the expected candidate is winning.

In Minnesota, the Democrat Mike Dayton secured 50 percent of the votes, while his opponent Jeff Johnson received only 40 percent. The state is considered an easy win for the Democrats, and to this point, Dayton seems like he has the election locked down.

In Texas, the Republicans are in the lead. Greg Abbott leads with 51 percent of the vote, while the Democrat Wendy David is trailing behind him with only 40 percent. Texas has a long history of voting Democrats for governor, but Davis has been unable to convince voters that she is a suitable candidate and her numbers reflect that.

In Arkansas, the Republican Asa Hutchinson has gained a slight lead over his opponent Mike Ross. Currently, she has 46 percent of the vote, while Ross has 42 percent. In an August poll, Ross led with 46 percent and Hutchinson trailed with 44 percent. Ross has a favorability rating of 49 percent and Hutchinson’s is 54. Both candidates are desirable in the eyes of the voters. This election is considered a toss-up and it is difficult to predict who will win based strictly on the polls provided.

Of the states mentioned, it seems as if both Minnesota and Texas are considered locked down, while Arkansas will be decided as the election approaches.

Photo credit: Arkansas Business.